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Offering: Tree Service in Boonville, MO

Tree service in Boonville, MO may be easy to come across, but it is difficult to come across a company that truly cares about your property and trees. The team at Columbia Tree Work is ready to provide you with the best tree service and customer service throughout all of the area. We want to keep your property beautiful.

Boonville is a city located within Cooper County in Missouri. The city is best known for its involvement in the American Civil War and the first Battle of Boonville.

The city is named after both Nathan and Daniel Boone who were the sons of the well-known Daniel Boone, who had a thriving salt business in the community.

As of 2010, there are approximately 8,319 residents in this small town, but do not let the small size fool you. This city is packed with history and a wonderful place to shop or eat.

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Tree Removal

If you find out that your tree has been invaded with pests or diseases, you may be unsure of what to do. Many of these cases require that the tree be removed from your property to prevent the spread of the pests or disease.

When you need to have a tree removed, it is important that you do not try to do it yourself, as this may result in injury or property damage. Instead, call the team at Columbia Tree Work today. Our tree experts are ready to come out to your home and assess your tree’s needs and remove the tree if needed.

Tree Trimming

If you have noticed that your tree is growing out of control, it may be time to have it trimmed and pruned to shape it up. It is important that you have regular trimmings performed, otherwise your tree’s branches may become entangled in your power lines and this can lead to more problems.

Our team of tree trimming experts is ready to get the job done. Each of our technicians has the tools and skills needed to complete the job without any trouble. If you are in need of tree service in Boonville, MO, contact the team at Columbia Tree Work at (573) 881-2144 today.

Stump Grinding

Stumps that are leftover can become a problem, especially when you have other people over and they accidentally trip in your yard. To prevent this from happening, it is important that you have the stumps ground down.

Our team provides you with fast, quality, and safe stump grinding services to remove all of your unwanted stumps from your yard.

Tree Transplanting

Trees can grow in awkward places, but this does not mean that you have to have the tree completely removed from your yard. In fact, tree transplanting is a great solution and Columbia Tree Work is proud to offer this service.

Our team is prepared to safely transplant your trees in a new place without injuring or damaging them in the process. If you are interested in our tree transplanting service, contact Columbia Tree Work now for a free estimate.

Brush Hogging

If your lawn grows too long on your property, you may be in need of brush hogging services. This service is designed to remove overgrown weeds and grass while freeing up your land, so that you can plant crops or assess your land properly.

Our experts are equipped with all of the proper tools and tractors to get the job done on time and within your budget.

Our Tree Professionals Are Ready to Assist You

At Columbia Tree Work, we are ready to come out to your property and provide the care needed for your trees. We have over 30 years of experience in the tree industry and all of our professionals are licensed and trained to provide quality service to you.

Our owner, Mike Weil, has a forestry degree and a love for trees that fuels his passion to care for them. Whether you are in need of tree service in Boonville, MO or you need some advice about how to remove pests from your tree, we are here.

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