Brush Hogging Service

Looking for the best brush hogging services in Boone County? If so, the team at Columbia Tree Work is ready to help you clear your land. Some jobs are just to much for a regular lawn mower, as they are not design to cut brush or heavy weeds. We can handle any brush-cutting job, regardless of how large or how small the field is, or whether you simply don’t like the overgrowth behind your home. Our equipment is designed for all types of terrain.

Reasons for Brush Hogging

  • Maintenance & accessibility
    • Remove brush, small bushes, tall grass, and other overgrown plants. This can be done at locations where a typical lawn mower cannot handle thick vegetation. Clearing the brush gives access to more usable land, and is visually more appealing. We also have the equipment to remove trees.
  • Farming
    • Through brush hogging, forage growth that has stopped growing or has been transformed into lignin, which is less digestible to livestock, is also removed. This allows forage to grow that is more digestible for livestock. Removing brush prevents unwanted growth from stealing nutrients from the grass. Also, weeds can choke the grass and leave you without a good place to plant your crops.R
Brush hog